The Guide To Finding the Best Bread Machine For Pizza Dough 2014

Here we have a great guest post from a friend of mine called Jane, who wanted to share this info so I thought it would be great to share with everyone ;)Jane

A bread machine can often be used to do more than bake bread. In this case we are looking for a bread machine that is used to make Pizza dough. I will discuss with you on how to choose the best bread machine for making pizza dough.

Choosing a machine – Things to consider Key features to consider when purchasing a good bread machine should be the price and size of the machine, the size of loaf it creates and the number and types of programmes offered, as in this case one that makes pizza dough. How to select the right machine

Price – If you are new at using bread machines and aren’t too sure which one will suit you, a cheap one gets you started without spending too much money
Get a bread machine that has at least a 1 year warranty, anything less means the manufacturer isn’t trustworthy in the lifespan and quality of machine.
Don’t choose a machine because its pretty and has a good design only or looks welcoming. Rather look at the features it has such as basic cycles, a manual or dough cycle and the shape of the pan etc that will contribute to the quality of your pizza.
Which machines i would recommend

Zojirushi BB-CEC20
◦ excellent quality machine – nice features, dual kneading blades – best for kneading dough, custom program cycle ◦ Price:$214.99-$300.00

Breadman TR-810
◦ excellent quality machine – very horizontal shaped pan, 2 kneading blades, cheaper than Zojirushi BBCC-X20, missing custom program cycle ◦ Price $149.99 -$$149.99

Breadman TR-2200
◦ excellent quality machine – add-in dispenser, small, odd shape ◦ Cheap replacement parts ◦ Price $150.00-$220.00 Things To Consider when purchasing a bread machine

◦ what kind of warranty does the machine have. The best average value would be one which has a 3 year warranty and more. This will mean that you get good value for money as the machine will be durable for 3 years or more.

◦ more money doesn’t always get you a better machine. Decided what you want to spend and what you want to do with the machine first before you purchase one.

◦ look for a machine with increased power so it can easily handler heavier dough i.e. Pizza dough

Brand Program Cycle Quality Horizontal Shape
BB-CEC20 Yes Good None
TR-810 No Fair Yes
TR-2200 No Not The Best None
My personal Opinion After reading countless reviews and testing these products myself, i would have to say my personal favorite would have to be the “Zojirushi BB-CEC20″Purely on the fact that i found more support on this product and i really like the design and all the fantastic features, it seems that this product has the best value, and there also seems to be quite a buzz about it. Our recommendation 8.5/10 My closing remarks. Always remember that you can also find refurbished machines on ebay with a short Guarantee, and that if your starting off replacement parts are cheap with various youtube tutorials that can help you in fitting these and repairing your machine.

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